About the LBLA - London Borough's Legal Alliance

The London Boroughs' Legal Alliance (LBLA) was established in 2009 as a successful collaborative partnership of local authority legal teams in the UK, at the forefront of innovative procurement practice and efficiency strategy, delivering a demonstrable best value service to clients and local residents.

The LBLA has made great strides in driving down external costs and increasing efficiency by adopting inter-authority working practices and shared services arrangements. Over the last 3 years the LBLA has, amongst other things, set up the Solicitors Framework Agreement (which continues to offer great value in terms of rates and valuable additional benefits), carried out an EU tender process for Barristers services resulting in a new Barristers Framework (made up of 19 sets and 7 Lots), set up a Legal Libraries Framework across the consortium and undertaken a Business Models research project aswell as developing and launching this collaborative Website.

The website has led to closer working relationships across the LBLA network facilitating access by each Alliance Authority lawyer to others at different authorities who might be able to help on all manners of issues.

A rolling LBLA training programme is also produced for its members with a wide range of bespoke seminars scheduled to meet identified training requirements. All courses carry CPD hours and are all provided within central London.

Membership of the LBLA

The following members are currently benefiting from the LBLA Frameworks: 

In addition, Guildford and Milton Keynes has access to the LBLA Solicitors Framework and Mid Kent Legal has access to the LBLA Solicitors and Barristers Framework.

The LBLA Management Team at Kennedy Cater:

lbla@kennedycater.com / 020 7113 4020