About the LBLA - London Borough's Legal Alliance

The London Boroughs' Legal Alliance (LBLA) was established in 2009 as a successful collaborative partnership of local authority legal teams in the UK, at the forefront of innovative procurement practice and efficiency strategy, delivering a demonstrable best value service to clients and local residents.

The LBLA has, amongst other things, carried out EU compliant tenders to set up Solicitors and Barristers Frameworks, each of which offers great value in terms of competitive pricing and extensive additional value added and social value benefits. The LBLA has also established a Legal Libraries Framework across the consortium and undertakes an annual benchmarking study to help members identify best practice and areas for further efficiency improvements.

The alliance also supports closer working relationships across the network via regular Special Interest Group meetings in the key practice areas so that lawyers and Business Managers at different authorities can share best practice and support one another across a range of matters.

A rolling LBLA training programme is also produced for its members with an extensive and wide range of bespoke seminars scheduled to meet identified training requirements.

Membership of the LBLA

The following members are currently benefiting from the LBLA Frameworks: 

In addition, Guildford has access to the LBLA Solicitors Framework and Buckinghamshire and Mid Kent Legal have access to the LBLA Solicitors and Barristers Frameworks.

The LBLA Management Team at Kennedy Cater:

lbla@kennedycater.com / 020 7113 4020